ALS UK - Case Study

Air Link Systems Ltd (ALS Global) is a British company that has served the retail industry since 1997. By being a leading independent Main Contractor, Fit-out, refurbishment, deployment & service provider, ALS covers a variety of functions that help its clients effectively deliver any project across its estate, at pace.

With HQ in Birmingham and offices around the globe, ALS Global’s constant growth strategies took the company to Bulgaria and ENCORE. As a nearshoring services company, ENCORE provided highly efficient Project management, project coordination, labour coordination as well as service and support desk functions.


  • As UK & Irish labour costs continuously growing, ALS needed a cost-effective solution that would allow them to continue delivering timely and precisely executed services to some of Britain’s largest retailers. With customers like ASDA, Sainsbury’s, and TESCO, where ALS UK has been acting as a Main Contractor for years, the responsibility for ENCORE was set high.
  • Flexible workforce is a game-changer. ALS UK experiences work volume fluctuations. Therefore, it needed a partner that can quickly adapt to the number of professionals needed for each project. ENCORE uses a clever system that allows such demands to be met without sacrificing the quality of work.
  • Nearshoring a 24/7 support line was also needed. By delivering support from Bulgaria, ALS UK could free up capital that would allow the company to invest in new services development.

encore solution

ENCORE offers a scalable and long-term solution to ALS UK. Having been partners for over seven years, ENCORE currently employs over 23 professionals to manage various ALS projects and business processes from Bulgaria. This not only saves over 30% in labour costs but frees our client from the task of hiring and training. By not having to purchase equipment, implement retentions procedures, and renting larger premises in the UK, ALS saves valuable time and efforts to allow them focus solely on their business.

By almost eliminating any local time differences ENCORE works in perfect sync with its UK based partners. During the length of the partnership, ENCORE covers local labour coordination, support and service desk operations, project management and so much more.

Project Management
ENCORE organises, coordinates, and executes end-to-end projects. Project managers provide all relevant planning, communicate with the client and subcontractors, and organise resourcing and administration, while also being responsible for the Profit and Loss of the project.

Commercial Department
ENCORE reviews technical documentation and tender information. By understanding and assessing the scope of work, ENCORE can quantify the scale of the project and suggest commercial quoting.

Labour Coordination
ENCORE labour department coordinates and books the necessary resources. The process includes financial management, technical provisioning, subcontractor coordination, post-installation certification, and sign off.

Service Desk
ENCORE performs service and maintenance calls handling and management. By using owned software system, ENCORE can quickly address orders, communicate with other departments and keep track on all calls.

Support Desk
ENCORE provides 24/7 operating call centre services. Its functions include receiving and managing client orders for installation as well as maintenance and support. In addition, it covers onsite support for field engineers and serves as escalation point if needed.


ENCORE covers multiple departments’ tasks from a distance and delivers top nearshoring service. It adds value to ALS UK services and helps them successfully deliver a high volume of construction and refurbishment projects for Tesco, Sainsburys checkout refurbishment. With total of over 450 stores maintained per year, the ALS Global / ENCORE partnership continues to be successful.

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