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Hassle-free operations

Remote working has never been more accessible. With at least 30% lower labour costs and modern, developed offices, Sofia, the Bulgarian capital offers highly educated specialists to add to your local team. In case you are planning an expansion or just want to save money, ENCORE will give you the tools to reach your goals.

Your expansion may be a few clicks away

Paying high amounts for office space? Consider operating a department from a nearshoring location.

How it works

Whether its an expansion of your local team or a relocation of a department, ENCORE’s local territory managers will work with you to create a plan. From there, the onboarding begins at a pace that suits, and the results will be demonstrable over time.


With fantastic transport links from the UK and other EU countries, Sofia is fast becoming a hub for outsourcing professional services. ENCORE is at the cutting edge of talent acquisition and collaboration with us will allow you to take full advantage of this without investing in infrastructure.

Delegate the Extensive Administration Processes to an External Team at a nearshore location

Project Management

Managing high profile projects with allocation of labour
Documentation administration
Full project ownership
Live updates

Logistics Management

Distribution management
Labour management
Equipment management
Warehouse management

Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Quoting and quantity surveying
Equipment management and purchase
Equipment and asset management


Financial and document support
Data entry and analysis
Coordination of labour and processes


Scale up or down as the work volume changes. With ENCORE business administration services, you are free to use as large of a talent pool as you need. Furthermore, you may use our services for as long as you need.

Workflow that works

ENCORE will use the workflow you have at your organisation and train the team according to your guidelines and needs. Furthermore, we’ll take full ownership of your administration processes while guaranteeing agile behaviour if needed.

Extremely Cost-efficient

Being able to nearshore a lot of the time-consuming processes with us, guarantees cost efficiency, high return on investment, and new resources for business development.


Daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly – we follow your corporate reporting standards to provide feedback for any task we get involved with.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! We scale according to your needs. If you only need help with your logistics processes, we can help, but if you need help with procurement, project management, or anything else, we are ready to grow with you.
We have over a decade of experience in staffing as well as managing processes for companies in remote countries.
Purchase Ledger, as well as Data Entry and Analysis

Success Stories

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