Business Processes Automation (BPA)

Smooth processes equal flawless operations

The moment you identify a time consuming process, you better think how to optimize it. Complicated workflows or heavy procedures may be a reason for unsatisfactory results.

Identify, Automate, Go Forward

How it works

By identifying time-consuming processes and creating rules and regulations to overcome the drawbacks, organisations gain valuable time to concentrate on more important tasks. 


ENCORE has vast experience in automation. With clients like Sainsbury, ASDA and ARCUS, encore has a proven track record of successfully helping retailers become more flexible while saving time and human resource.

bossiness automation process

BPA Benefits

Smooth operations

Streamlines “heavy” processes

Frees time for more relevant jobs

Increases productivity

Quick ROI

Saves human resource time

Speeds up communication 

Results in faster customer satisfaction delivery

Creates growth conditions

Success Stories

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