Business Processes Automation (BPA)

Smooth processes equal flawless operations

The moment you identify a time consuming process, you better think how to optimize it. Complicated workflows or heavy procedures may be a reason for unsatisfactory results.

Identify, Automate, Go Forward

How it works

By identifying time-consuming processes and creating rules and regulations to overcome the drawbacks, organisations gain valuable time to concentrate on more important tasks. 


ENCORE has vast experience in automation. With clients like Sainsbury, ASDA and ARCUS, ENCORE has a proven track record of successfully helping retailers become more flexible while saving time and human resource.

bossiness automation process

Automate time-consuming processes
for a better ROI

Call Management

Automated call logging
Monitoring, statistics, and measurement reports

Process Management

Reduces the number of manual tasks
Streamlined documents flow
Achieving high speed of reaction when needed

Status Updates

Detailed process flow information

Quick access to streamlined data

Sets the foundations for better communication

Reports Generation

Various reports access, including financial, labour, HR, logistics, and more unication

Cut down your costs

If reducing salary costs by at least 30% is something that triggers your interest, ENCORE is the partner to help you achieve that by growing your team at a remote location.

High level service

ENCORE team is built by professionals of various specialties. No matter if you need streamlined logistics management or documents management, we have you covered.


Nearshore time-consuming processes such as planning, as well as project & methodology creation. ENCORE will give you a competitive edge by saving you time, human resource and budget.

Quick integration

We have developed and implemented methodologies in place. Those allow us to quickly become the natural extension to your home-based teams while delivering best in business service.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer two options! First one is to adapt to the tools you use and take and take over what your local team does at a reduced labour cost. The second option is that we offer specific tools to be applied to your concrete process.
Some of the processes we handle include project coordination and updates, reporting, resource allocation, documentation gathering and processing, and more.
Tesco, Bank of Ireland, PEP&CO, ALS Global

Success Stories

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