CrystalEU Hires ENCORE as its Nearshoring Marketing Services Partner

CrystalEU ( has recently contracted ENCORE as its nearshoring marketing partner. Some of the requirements covered by the contract are website creation, social media profiles creation and maintenance, creating and execution of brand awareness strategy, Google Ads campaigns management as well as setting up and managing various advertising campaigns.

The challenge

CrystalEU is a new awnings and pergola systems installation and support company based in Spain and Portugal. As a new company, the aim was to quickly establish a market presence and create awareness towards the brand and its products.

ENCORE Solution

The first task for ENCORE was to create a brand strategy and to create a recognisable logo. For that, we crafted a diamond-shaped stone in line with capital letters spelling of the word CRYSTAL thus expressing an analogy with the strength of the valuable mineral and the products CrystalEU delivers. To further develop the brand, ENCORE created a visually appealing website that corresponds with the beautiful shading systems, presented on it. Social media accounts were created to complement the website and to be used as means of reaching wide audiences. Finally, ENCORE set a Google Ads account for CrystalEU and started executing targeted keywords-based campaigns.


Nearshoring Marketing Services

Nearshoring your marketing activities at a remote, lower-cost location, or partially delegating tasks to a nearshoring destination, works well for companies of various industries. From the start-up technology company to the well-established retailer, nearshoring allows trouble-free operations at a fraction of the cost compared to the UK or Western European countries.

Continued Partnership

Future collaborations include Advertising strategy execution, adding Spanish and Portuguese website language options and collateral design.

About Crystal

CrystalEU is a British origin installation, maintenance and support company, delivering high-end awning and pergola systems for the business and the home user. Perfectly suitable for coffee shops and swimming pools areas, as well as restaurants and hotels, CrystalEU bioclimatic pergolas and awning systems offer many years of unattended trouble-free operations. CrystaEU is based in Malaga, Spain and Almancil, Portugal.
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