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Frequently Asked Questions

Onshoring, nearshoring and offshoring are all outsourcing strategies. Near- and onshoring include processes that are outsourced nationwide, or to countries that are situated on the same continent. This makes them significantly different from offshoring and outsourcing to other continents (most often Asia).
The difference between near- and onshoring strategies lies in the crossing (or not crossing) of the national borders: when following an onshoring strategy, processes are outsourced within the country. With a nearshoring strategy, outsourcing is processed to countries in the same region.

For companies in large cities with a high cost of living, remote work opens doors to new talent pools in other parts of the country or other countries. We see more and more companies utilizing remote and flexible work models. Some statistics say that two-thirds of US companies have employees that work outside of the office.
With the rise of communication tech, companies started exploring the ways of hiring remote employees with the same level of talent and experience as local engineers, at the fraction of cost. Remote work also opened up doors to experts who were unable or unwilling to relocate.

This timeline depends on the type of project and the skill set you require. Also, it depends on the size of the team. Typically, it takes anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks for smaller projects and 4 to 8 weeks for larger projects (which requires 50+ team members).

This is where our experience comes in. Our seasoned and highly professional HR staff can assemble a world class team to work on your project in a very short time.

We are headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria with a branch office in Blagoevgrad, also in Bulgaria. With our locations in these cities, we can pretty much get any type of talent for your outsourcing project.

Absolutely. We are flexible. Your team can follow your company policy, processes, compliance regulations, IT procedures, data security procedures, work floor policies and any other aspect of your operations. Your offshore team can function as an extension of your inhouse team.

Yes. Absolutely. You are welcome to your offshore team anytime. We can help you with flights, local transportation and hotel accommodation. We recommend you visit and spend time with your offshore team as it helps integration with your onshore team.

Employee retention is a crucial aspect of our success. We select candidates with right attitude and work ethics. Our staff salary and generous benefits are at par with best in the industry. We ensure a world-class and safe work environment. We also encourage teamwork, conduct team building activities to maintain employee morale. This is how we ensure employee retention, which in turn gives fantastic stability and a high-performance offshore team for your project.

We are a Bulgarian business. The management team is from the UK and Ireland. We have been in the outsourcing services industry for more than 15 years. We completely understand the requirements of Western European corporate companies. Our offshore management team has worked with 100’s of international clients. So, you are assured to get a highly professional service and the reliability of a top-rated western company. We also use latest process optimisation technologies such as robotic automation to provide you the best value for money service.

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