IT Service Management

IT Transformations Made Simple

IT service management (ITSM) is a concept that enables an organisation to maximize business value from the use of information technology.

Affordable path to the future

Been quoted eye watering fees for IT operations or implementations of any kind? Our engineering team of experts will help you accelerate your Digital Transformation activities, digitize, automate processes and increase efficiency in a very cost-effective way.

How it works

We follow ITIL and SDLC best practices. We design, plan, deliver, operate and control the digital integration of your business processes to increase efficiency, whilst managing commercial performance and eliminating potential human error. Every business has labour intensive legacy processes. We can identify efficiency through digitalization and automation and reduce the amount of human input required.


We get involved deeply into your organisation and structure to best identify your challenges. Then, we will create a strategy, offer a roadmap and discuss every detail of the process. Once it’s all been cleared out, our team of professionals will implement the IT strategy that work best for you.

ITSM Benefits

Business Specific

Increased value and cost efficiency: We use industry best practices to manage efficiently and remove waste in the meantime. We utilize flexible project management to deliver business outcomes.

Manage expectations better: By utilizing data driven and analytics approach we manage the business outcome better. We implement RISK management best practices at all levels.

Higher returns on IT investments: Being in control of your cost gives your higher ROI on Information Technology estate. Data driven informed decisions enables successful achievement of business goals.

IT Specific

Increased IT efficiency and productivity: We use ITIL to manage efficiently. We use LEAN to remove waste and increase productivity. We use SDLC and flexible project management to delivery business outcome on time. 

Well defined roles and responsibilities: Following ITIL and SDLC roles and responsibility matrices and best practices.

Risk-free implementation of IT changes: We follow strict change management, we rollout in phased approach for mission critical systems, and we use CI/CD industry standards for non-stop deployments.

Care-Free Transition

encore solutions are tailored to your specific needs: We create bespoke solutions and services based on customer specific business challenges and demand.

Helping you manage the transitional period during a process overhaul: We act as trusted partner and stewardship during the whole lifecycle of the project. We offer transition project management as part of our project management offering.

Success Stories

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