Nearshoring made simple

ENCORE offers high quality nearshoring services. Following a quick, smart & effective delivery model we can be an extension of your local teams by adding professionals at pace. This scalable approach allows you to save money and operate efficiently.

How can we help you?

From seeking out talented individuals, to automating entire business processes, the services outlined below cover a range of solutions to suit your expansion.

Follow the steps of industry giants in transitioning business processes to Bulgaria, without needing to invest in any infrastructure. encore supply everything needed for you to access the vast amount of talent and unlock your full potential.

Bringing life to your ideas. encore software developers use the right approach and technology to effectively create the systems you need.

Every company needs a little marketing push to expand and deliver their products to the targeted customers. By using today’s industry best practices, our marketing experts will present your business in the best possible way.

Business managers face IT transformations challenges more often than ever. encore can help you make that transformation a painless one. By implementing and using the right tools for your company, you gain advantage to your competition and create growth opportunities.

Automation reduces cost and time – it’s really that simple. encore will digitize and automate your business processes to be able to keep up with the ever increasing customer expectations.

Why not nearshoring your Help & Support operations. By delegating that function to external teams, your business is saving on office space, equipment, and of course expensive local labor.

Our Customers and Partners

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