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ENCORE software developers use the right approach and technology to effectively create the systems you need.

Nearshore Software Development in Bulgaria

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How it works

We are really good at connecting the right talent with the right company. After discussing your needs, encore will make sure you are introduced to the exact development professionals you need. After that, they become the natural extension to your existing teams, only working from another office.


By being based in Bulgaria – the current IT leader in South-Easter Europe, encore is able to quickly identify the right talent for your organisation. With vast experience working with British corporations, ENCORE is ready to play an important role in your growth. 

The perfect extension to any IT Company

Mobile Development


B2B Solutions

Innovative technology use
Handling unique features
Versatility and Scalability


Early testing
Highest QA standards
Constant reporting

Full Programming cycle

Project delivery from A to Z
Total product lifecycle support and improvements

High ROI

We have access to some of Europe’s best IT talent. Being located in Bulgaria allows us to quickly add highly trained programmers without breaking the bank.

Totally versatile

Working as a natural extension to your home team or totally independent, ENCORE offers flexible solution that fits every IT organisation.

Modern methodologies

We use Scrum and/or Kanban as integral part of our development organization processes. By being able to correctly manage the software lifecycle, our teams keep unnecessary actions to a minimum.

Testing and support

ENCORE offers QA teams as well as support. We are able to provide QA testing of any software application we are developing but not only that. ENCORE can supply support desk function of the applications you sell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bulgaria ranks high in worldwide talents quality, it offers competitive wages, and great infrastructure to replace or augment your in-house development team
Yes! You can implement your in-house best practices to your Sofia team. months or more.
Yes, all required software and hardware is available at the Sofia office. All you need to do, is let us know how we may assist you.

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